Cyolo is a cybersecurity company offering a zero-trust solution to securely connect users to their organization’s workspaces. I collaborated with a creative director at Designity to to further develop their visual language to define how they would express their brand in collateral, including white papers, reports, web ads, and event banners.
Starting with designing white papers and reports, I took an approach that utilizes an organic shape language to build a visual rhythm off of the round shapes of their logo. For this approach, I developed a system of organic blue shapes with bright, soft gradients that could be adapted for anything from side sections, call-outs, background textures, and especially image frames. While working with this client, I produced a four separate white papers that followed this style.
Some page layouts from the white papers and reports, designed in Adobe InDesign.
Beyond designing white papers, we were also tasked with developing multiple series of web ads, as well as ad templates, to promote live events, products, and downloadable content.
Above: ads for a downloadable report and photographic general ad templates, made in Adobe Illustrator

Re-usable ad templates

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