Overclocked Magazine was made for a case study aiming to build an editorial brand and publication based on a conceptual tech magazine. It involved designing its cover, inside layouts, and advertisements, as well as sourcing relevant written and image content. Building the Overclocked brand style included designing a masthead and setting standards for the magazine’s typographic hierarchy and visual motifs. The production was done primarily in Adobe InDesign, with additional assets produced in Photoshop and Illustrator. The final deliverable is a 36-page magazine printed at 8.5 x 10.75 inches.
Disclaimer: The written stories and their accompanying editorial photographs used in this editorial project are not owned by the designer and are being used for non-commercial, academic, and personal use. The stories belong to their original publishers at sites like Tom's Hardware and PCMag. A full list of content authors and image credits can be found on page 10 of the magazine. This project was originally made in an academic setting and not commercialized in any way, shape, or form.
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